Dying While Black

What happens after death?  Not in the metaphysical, existential sense. But quite literally, what happens after death?  The history of the handling of bodies of Black decedents has been filled with interesting twists and turns, from blatant desecration to unusual rituals. Explore this topic with me in this episode of What’s Ray Saying?

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Line Of Departure

Sometimes you just gotta back up, regroup and formulate a new plan.  Sometimes you persevere and push through. I’ve learned so many things in these short 4 months of podcasting and there is so much more to be learned. The most valuable lessons

  1. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes as long as your learn from them!
  2. The tribe can be powerful…in many ways. Make sure you know who your friends are and stay keep those who mean you are “at an arm’s length.”
  3. Silence is not always consent. Sometimes it can be the most powerful evidence of contempt.
  4. The world is BIG! Very big!  There are friends and allies in the most unlikely of places.


These past couple of months have been like a dream: NPR? Reader’s Digest?

In the same vein, I’ve had to force myself to grow and be resilient.  So, here’s to what I’ve learned and my journey to make this podcast YOUR FAVORITE and the best in the nation!

Episode 5: Line of Departure marks a dividing line between the old and new, where you were and where you’re going, what was and what will be.  Follow the journey from “seasoning” of slaves, to the life of a domestic worker in the 60’s to current questions of assimilation and acculturation.